Since launching JaneCane Photography in 2012 I have had the honor of telling countless stories - engagements, wedding days, first hours at the hospital and growing families.

I have turned a business into a career and created a brand built on trust + integrity.  

As a photographer, I pride myself on cultivating meaningful relationships with my clients, providing a photo experience worth investing in. I want to preserve your memories together - whether you capturing this time in your life as a couple. with children, pets or an extended family gathering together. My goal is to help you capture the big and small moments in your life that weave together to create your own family's story, a story worth celebrating.

The precious moments alone in the hospital, meeting your tiny little one for the first time - holding them closely and wishing time could freeze. It's the late nights and early mornings with toddlers, feeling exhausted and worn down, but choosing to capture this part of your life together. It's the images that show messy chaos and coffee-fueled survival through parenthood, but most of all - it's simply showing up in your family photos.

Because your kids won't remember what went into what everyone should wear or what was said or if everything went sideways on the way to the session and tantrums filled your backseat ... but they will remember your laugh. your hug. your love. And they'll have photos of you all together, always.

And that's a legacy worth preserving, don't you think?

PHOTOGRAPHER. CARB CONSUMER. big fan of lake superior.

AJCS | Amanda Jane Cane Spilde

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"Pretty little city built on a hillside"
- Trampled by Turtles

As a Duluthian, born and raised, I have a deep appreciation for the Northwoods and all the natural goodness + magic that surrounds us. My favorite hiking spot is Chester and if I'm not exploring the trails, you can often find me on the patio of Sir Ben's with my little fam, drinking our local favorites + eating the best nachos in town. 

Supporter of all things local, I love seeing other entrepreneurs succeed in this little hillside city. Our walls are covered with artwork from Duluth creatives, our fridge is always stocked with MN craft beer and I could talk your ear off for hours about my Pride for this inland sea. It really is something special. And if you've never been - go pack your bags right now. 

The Duluth Hit List:
Bent Paddle, OMC Smokehouse, Duluth Coffee Co, Northern Waters Smokehouse, Lake Superior Bakehouse, Vikre Distillery, Hoops Brewing, Sir Benedict's on the Lake, Va Bene, Hartley Nature Center, Chester Bowl, Seven Bridges Road, Brighton Beach, Park Point and basically a trillion other suggestions that don't fit here. 

HOME BASE: duluth, mn

Amanda, Andrew, Maggie + Cooper

I met Andrew 14 years ago at Bulldog Pizza in Duluth - he was the delivery boy, I was the waitress. The rest, as they say, is history. And every year we still go get a heart shaped pizza on Valentine's Day, because - well, why not? (And Drew knows the true way to my heart - cheesy carbs.)

We dated for 8 years before getting engaged in the mountains of Colorado - and in 2017 we made it official (and threw an epic party along the Lester River) with lots of pizza and craft beer and 90s music. Thus, Amanda Jane Cane became Amanda Jane Cane Spilde. Four names, one business!

We live on the Hillside in a 100-year old home with our daughter Maggie + golden retriever, Cooper. Drew spends his days as a Brewer at Bent Paddle in Lincoln Park and Coop pretty much just naps and chases squirrels and balls and bunnies and is the best adventure buddy ever. 

what's in a name:
meet my crew

I've always known I wanted to be a Mom.
It was never a question.
But life has a funny way of throwing
wicked curveballs.

After getting married in August 2017, Andrew + I found out that we were battling infertility and would need help in order to grow our family. After multiple failed IUIs, medicated cycles, a miscarriage and 2 rounds of IVF - we gave birth to our miracle rainbow baby, Maggie Jane, in June 2021.

Throughout our years of heartache along the way we made a choice to be honest, open - and at times painfully blunt - about the struggle we endured in hopes that others out there can relate or reach out for support. We know all too well the agony of sitting in wait.

If you would like to hear more about our story, talk, ask questions, grab coffee - please reach out! We also have an IG account dedicated to our journey to Maggie (@TheBigWait) where I would love to connect.

our story:

I never wanted to be a photographer, in fact, I didn't even take a single photography class in high school. I was a student athlete who was determined to go to college, get a degree and wear my pantsuit + heels proudly into boardrooms for the rest of my life.
The plan seemed pretty clear.
Until it wasn't.

I had the degree, I had the job (and even the department store pantsuit) but I was feeling less and less fulfilled by my work - And I didn't know what to do. It wasn't supposed to be this way. Money was supposed to equal happiness, right? And as a stress release, I found I really enjoyed photography. It allowed me to create and connect in ways I couldn't in my 60+ hours a week job.

But fate somehow took the wheel two years into my corporate career when the consulting team I was on was laid off. It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I knew I had to make a change for my health and wellness. So in 2012 I left my traveling healthcare job, picked up a camera with zero business experience and took the jump. I started telling stories and capturing wedding days. And it was scary and exciting and terrifying ... and absolutely amazing.

Now 11 years later I'm still finding fulfillment in telling your stories - stories that matter. I find so much joy in connecting with my clients, building relationships and providing images to be treasured for generations to come. 

the one where the girl pays
for THE degree she doesn't use: