"By using authentic social media and creating meaningful client relationships we can create online spaces that are encouraging, positive and attractive to potential clients." 

social media consulting + education

Since launching JaneCane Photography in 2012, social media has been at the forefront of my business and I have worked hard to attract potential clients through meaningful content and genuine connections. In the process, I have realized that these apps are often frustrating and challenging for business owners who don't want to spend time online, don't have the time to invest in their online marketing or aren't even sure where to start. In a time where social media is filled with highlight reels, I want to help businesses stand apart by being authentic and true to their brand, creating social media followings that are genuine extensions of themselves and their businesses. 

With a passion for authentic social media, I launched my first ever Social Media Workshop in February 2019 and had 15 different business in attendance. We spent the day diving into Instagram, marketing techniques and how to authentically weave your voice + brand into your social media presence. It was AWESOME. But I realized that something was missing - it wasn't customized enough. I needed to really dig into each specific business and industry to best serve each of those individual entrepreneurs.

So in 2020 I am excited to be offering Social Media Consulting sessions - customized, specific one on one sessions that focus on your individual business brand, social media presence and online marketing techniques. Time together can be specific to your business needs, whether that is Facebook or Instagram (or both!) Topics covered include brand recognition, product photography, social media analytics, hashtag insights, flat lays + styling techniques, algorithm updates, IG stories, content calendars, IG bios and what to post (and when to post it!) These personalized social media consulting sessions are held in your own work space so we can set tangible, reachable goals for your business, polish your cell phone photography skills where you will actually be taking photos to share online and creating action steps that will increase your following, turning likes into actual income. 


As my passion for helping other businesses + entrepreneurs has grown, so has the opportunity to educate and share that social media knowledge. I am a believer in community, that a rising tide truly does lift all boats and that our competitors can be our strongest assets to success together. I have had the honor of speaking in front of multiple different organizations about social media, authentic marketing and our ability to create meaningful connections with potential clients - all through online apps.